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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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KNPP meets refugees before coming ceasefire talk Before entering the next meeting with government, Karenni National Progressive Party KNPP gathers public conference with refugees in Thai borders areas to clarify the previous ceasefire agreements and pointed whether the further signing would bring them the real change while military’s issues in the state are still controversial.
Arm groups and state govt partnership to focus healthcare
 A pilot project to develop regional healthcare by Civil Health and Development Network (CHDN), which is grouped with 6 different ceasefire groups, along with the cooperation of State Health Department has been initiated in Karenni State.
KNPP has no decision to join nationwide ceasefire yet One of the ethnic armed groups, Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) is absenting for nationwide ceasefire signing, which will be hold in Naypyidaw within this month according to spokesperson.
Cooperation goes no practical in Kayah About 20 months have passed after Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) signed cease fire agreement with the government but no cooperation in regional development is found from both parties.

The new Burmese government has confiscated farmlands of the locals in Hpruso township awarding farmers only 50,000 Kyats compensation.

The Burmese military government has restricted the INGOs and the community based organizations from travelling freely and providing assistances to people in rural areas in Karenni(Kayah) State where there is little health care, and few development projects, according to a member of staff from the NGOs in Karenni State.

On 17 May 2011, six workers were reported dead in a landslide which happened at Lawpita (Belu Chuang) Hydropower Plant No.3 in Loikaw District of Karenni State.

An 18 years-old technological university student died after shot by the Burmese troops on his waist while driving his motorbike in Loikaw, the capital of the Karenni(Kayah) State.

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